Contact Information

Contact Information

The Temple Digestive Disease Center Makes it Easy for Referring Physicians

Contact the Temple Call Center at 215-707-5555 to:

  • Schedule a patient appointment
  • Contact a physician or get information
  • Make special arrangements for patients
  • Update your contact information

As a healthcare professional, your call will be received by a Temple Call Center service representative. Our representatives can promptly schedule a patient appointment and reach a physician for you. They are available to help you with any special arrangements. You may request information about the Temple Digestive Disease Center. The Temple Call Center representatives are responsible for every call being completed to the your satisfaction.

For Immediate 24/7 Inpatient Transfer Requests, call 215-707-TRAN (215-707-8726)

Critical Care Transport

The Temple Transport Team (“T3”) is the region's premier 24-hour critical care ground and air medical transport service. Our physician-led team includes critical care nurses, paramedics, EMTs, pilots and Mission Support Coordinators. One call will begin the expedited process of transporting your patient from any hospital or emergency department within a 150-mile radius of Temple University Hospital, while carefully maintaining critical care during transport.

Immediate 24/7 Critical Care Transport Transfer Requests, call 866-4T3-TEAM (866-483-8326) or online at T3.templehealth.org

Physician Liaison Service

Our Physician Liaisons will immediately:

  • Answer any questions
  • Provide information on services and physician specialties
  • Coordinate contact with Temple Digestive Disease Center staff
  • Provide an update of Temple Digestive Disease Center research studies
  • Provide information on gastroinestinal continuing medical education events
  • Help you quickly resolve problems